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About Us

MHC is the brainchild of a diverse team proficient in technology and healthcare alike. Based on extensive research of the day-to-day pain points of healthcare experts and patients, MHC aims to revolutionise the field of healthcare with its AI integrated solutions. 

The individually specialised yet seamlessly connected apps for patients, healthcare professionals and laboratories creates a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that helps doctors work efficiently by cutting down on the time wasted on extracting reports, prescriptions and other crucial patient data, be it in their OPDs or for admitted patients. Inter speciality patient referrals hereafter will never have that risk of loss of data or miscommunication.

Gone are the days when patients needed to maintain, organise and carry huge piles of reports and prescriptions not knowing what needs to go where and what’s relevant and important. Worthy of a mention are the application of this system in times of medical emergencies especially when travelling. 

With advanced AI technology, MHC extracts data from health records and displays it in an intuitive digital format. Simplified yet relevant information at a glance! No need to flip through unorganised physical papers or uploaded images of individual reports. 

In a bid to make this available for all, the connected “Agent app” allows affiliated agents to assist patients in the uploading process, especially who are not very technology aware or inclined. While creating an additional source of income for the agents. Once affiliated with MHC, all that the agents need is a mobile phone with a working camera. 

Our AI is capable of drawing analysis and deductive inferences that have more than many applications in the B2B premise as well. MHC can be a great value addition to agencies providing other healthcare solutions like Telemedicine, online consultations, insurance packages, etc. The analytics can provide crucial information for organisations working on healthcare and pharmaceutical research and development.

The MHC ecosystem not only aims to simplify day to day healthcare but will prove to be an asset to the National Digital Healthcare mission of India


To make a comprehensive healthcare platform that simples data management and record keeping with MHC at its core


Digitalising healthcare for patients and healthcare professionals alike and providing AI assisted personal well-being


Providing crucial compilation of medical data at your fingertips, while decreasing our carbon

App going live soon